Good Wood

Deconstruction & Salvage

Good Wood believes that by removing and reusing centuries old lumber, we honor and inherit the energy of old.

We sell Oregon-sourced old-growth Douglas Fir salvaged from 100+ yr old homes. Come to us for t&g flooring, shiplap siding, sheathing wall clad, beadboard, and rough sewn 1x, planks, dimensional lumber, and beams. Oddities and plants too! 

Typically reclaimed wood is "prettied-up" in order to fetch a high price on the reclaimed lumber market.  We take the opposite approach. Our wood is simply de-nailed, wiped down, stacked and priced accordingly. this is the most affordable reclaimed wood in town! available upon appointment.


We're wood enthusiasts! And that's why we became certified deconstruction contractors. We deconstruct historic and 100+yr old buildings which hold the richest source for valuable materials, making it possible to provide an affordable option for businesses and residents to acquire salvaged old-growth lumber. 

Old-growth lumber comes from trees that grew slowly in vast virgin forests for 200-300 years before being harvested. Beyond its incomparable beauty and character, there are structural benefits to building with old-growth lumber.