Good Wood believes that by removing and reusing centuries old lumber, we honor and inherit the energy of old.

We sell Oregon-sourced old-growth Douglas Fir salvaged from 100+ yr old homes. Come to us for multi-dimensional flooring, 1x6 ship-lap, a variety of siding and rough sawn and full dimension lumber.

Typically reclaimed wood is "prettied-up" in order to fetch a high price on the reclaimed lumber market.  We take the opposite approach. Our wood is simply de-nailed, stacked, and bundled, priced affordably and available upon appointment.


We're wood enthusiasts! And that's why we became certified deconstruction contractors. We deconstruct the historic and oldest buildings which hold the richest source for valuable materials, making it possible to provide an affordable option for businesses and residents to acquire salvaged old-growth lumber. 

Old-growth lumber comes from trees that grew slowly in vast virgin forests for 200-300 years before being harvested. Beyond its incomparable beauty and character, there are structural benefits to building with old-growth lumber. 


The tight growth rings in old-growth lumber means the wood does not move as much as new-growth. It is immensely more stable, keeping everything where it needs to be.

The denseness of old-growth lumber makes it a stronger wood and able to carry heavier loads across longer spans.

Slow growth creates greater proportion of rot-resistant late wood (summer/fall growth) to early wood (spring growth). 

Old-growth lumber is harder and drier than new lumber. Termites prefer soft, moist wood, making OGL not as tempting a meal.